Sylhet Aid

Sylhet Aid

Sylhet Aid delivers aid to the poorest community in the Greater Sylhet region and provide poverty alleviation to those in need. Our UK based team are passionate about helping the poor and needy in and around Sylhet region of Bangladesh.

Sylhet Aid


It started off with a group of volunteers visiting Bangladesh in 2015 with a mission to help the less able and young woman who are not in education. Sylhet Aid gifted 45 wheelchairs to disabled people and 10 sewing machines to support needy women to become economically active to support their families.Bangladesh is a land of six seasons and the poor cannot afford warm clothing or blankets. We distributed over 150 blankets to the needy.

There are many accidents and deaths amongst rickshaw drivers due to poor visibility during the night as the roads do not have any lighting. Sylhet Aid provided the drivers with hi-vis jackets and snap on reflective wrist bands to make them more visible during night.


Since our humble beginnings in 2015 we have continued with our work in Bangladesh and have introduced new and innovative projects and activities to help individuals and communities become economically independent by providing them with the tools and resources to generate an income. We have also started to work with orphans providing them with food, aid, shelter and emergency medical assistance.

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