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Rescue Centre an introduction

The purpose of the Rescue Centre is to create a safe area to receive targeted help and support for orphan’s, the disabled, lonely elderly, the poor and those most in need. The one-acre donated site (Land Size Depth – 215 Feet, Width – 71 Feet located in Sylhet – Bangladesh)

The first generation of the British Bangladeshi community from Sylhet are rapidly disappearing due to return migration and natural causes. Established in 2014, Sylhet Aid’s overarching motivation is to preserve the positive legacies of our parents. Our aim is to continue the good work of our elders by providing aid and long-term support to the poorest and those most in need.


Facilities and Our services:

  • Orphanage

  • Rescue an orphan - outreach programme

  • Rescue an elderly - outreach programme

  • Rescue the disabled - outreach programme

  • Made in Sylhet - To help the poor to work themselves out of poverty

  • International volunteers’ hub


Cost of development

Approximate Building Material

  • Cement – 4000 Bags  = £20,000

  • Sand = £6,000

  • Stone = £5,000

  • Brick = £8,000

  • Rod = £18,000

  • Electrician costs = £5,000

  • Tiles = £6,000

  • Dhaw Tin Cost = £4,000

  • Plumbing Cost = £5,000

  • Door & Window = £8,000

  • Painting = £4,000

  • Fixed Thai glass = 1,000

  • Labour Costs = £30,000


Total:  £120,000 (20% up or Down)


Total costs including equipment: £150,000


Development Stages

Phase 1: Land development/ weather resistance

Phase 2: Orphanage

Phase 3: Construction April 2019

Phase 4: Start Service April 2020


Our Vision

Every orphan, disabled person, the lonely elderly and the poor should live in a safe home, where they are fed, clothed, treated with love, care, respect and compassion.


Our Mission

One day when the orphans, the disabled and the elderly and the poor can live their lives independently.  


Our Values

Everything we do as individuals and teams, as volunteers, fundraisers is underpinned by our values:

Care – We are passionate about the welfare of orphans, the disabled, lonely elderly and the poor and all of our work is inspired by the need of our love to help those most in need.

Excellence – We have been working tirelessly to provide HELP to those most in need.

Determination – We deal with some of the most challenging situations that impact the lives of the orphans, the disabled, lonely elderly and the poor. We seek to tackle problems at source by working actively with communities and wider society. We will not shy away from difficult issues.

Respect – We treat orphans, the disabled, lonely elderly and the poor with respect and dignity.

Integrity – We are trustworthy. We are indebted to our supporters and greatly value all the donations given to us, ensuring they are carefully spent on providing the best possible future for Orphans, the disabled, lonely elderly and the poor.


Rescue an Orphan (Inspired by Shazeda Begum)

Every child deserves a safe and loving home


            •          Emergency orphans shelter

            •          Long term family placement

            •          Livelihood programme

            •          Marriage fund


Rescue an orphan sponsorship programmes operates within the greater Sylhet region to support young children orphaned by death of one or both parents. Rescue an orphan sponsorship includes livelihood programmes designed to teach practical skills like how to raise livestock, sew, irrigate the land, education and farm crops.  Orphans will learn how to support themselves and generate their own income, equipping them with the practical knowledge and trade skills that are essential for their survival in later life.


Long term Orphan HELP

Build a house for an orphan

Livelihood programme

Marriage fund for an orphan


Rescue an Elderly – Love, food, clothes and medicine

Old but not forgotten - While investing in the youth is a priority, the elderly should not be forgotten.

            •          Sponsor an elderly - Who have no children or family support

            •          Support with love, food, clothes, medicine

            •          Learn from their wisdom, life skills


If a person reaches old age and has no children or family to take care of them it can be a daunting and uncomfortable experience. Compassionate elderly care is a right.  Older people play a vital role in society and deserve our attention and care. According to estimates, by the year 2050 there will be more people over the age of 60 than children under the age of 15 living on our planet– 80% of them in developing countries. 80% of the world's population is not sufficiently protected in old age against health, disability, income risks and poverty.


Rescue the disabled - Considered to be the underclass but not forgotten

Provide disabled equipment

Empower struggling families with LOVE and support

Long term orphan placements with a safe family – offering a child a stable home through to adulthood.

Education and learning


Made in Sylhet (MIS)

The purpose of MIS is to help the poor to work themselves out of poverty.


What we do

Skills development and entrepreneurship to enable people to help themselves out of poverty. To include training facilities to develop skills for livelihoods, for example, sewing, IT, skills around the trades and crafts such as carpentry, farming etc.


Training facilities – providing vocational training and skills for livelihoods

Health Surgery – providing access to health and wellbeing support for those in need

Social enterprise - dedicated to promoting and selling goods produced made in Sylhet. 

International Volunteers Hub – to host volunteers from around the world to offer their skills and expertise.

Sewing Machine Project – providing sewing machines to assist families out of poverty and hardship



Monthly donation – Become a friend of Sylhet Aid – Rescue Centre for LIFE

Bank: HSBC | Ref: LIFE

SC: 40 – 01 – 18 || AC: 41806564


Single Donation


If you are interested in supporting our work please contact us.

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