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Jamila is fourteen years old and lost both her parents when she was young. She lives in Greater Sylhet with her cousin and his wife, who look after her. We sponsored Jamila a year ago, who she suffers from a rare tumour in her back. This causes her a lot of discomfort and extreme pain when she is trying to study, do her chores or sleep at night. When Rescue Orphans found out about her condition, we raised money for her medical treatment through an appeal to the public. She has been seen by an oncologist and other specialists for consultation and her treatment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently she is having regular non-surgical treatment for the tumour in her back, the pain has been reduced and Jamila can lead a more normal, pain free life. She’s on continuous treatment and visits the specialist every few months.

Our aim is to support these vulnerable children as they are orphaned and majority live in extreme poverty. We are providing medical care to our orphans who suffer from complex medical conditions. We can only achieve this with your kind support and donations. Thank you for your support.

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