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Message from Sharmin

“Salam I’m Sharmin, I am fourteen years old, I live with my foster mother in a small house. Since my parents died it has been very hard. I would like to thank my foster mum who I call ‘Mum’ for saving me and would like to thank you for helping me. I will never forget this. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your support&rdquo


I don’t go to school, as I didn’t go to school when I was young, it became difficult as I got older. My local schools would not take me as I would be an older student in a younger year group.

Rescue Orphans provided Sharmin with private tuition, however due to learning difficulties progress has been very slow. She finds it difficult to study or retain information.


Sharmin has general good health, however she suffers from mental stress from her childhood trauma. She suffers from learning difficulties finding it difficult to study or retain information. Sharmin needs to be involved in practical tasks to keep her occupied.

My House

I live in this house with my foster mother and father, they are kind to me. The house keeps me safe and happy. I enjoy cooking and gardening. I help my mum with the household work and looking after her fruit and vegetable trees. In my free time I like to play outside with the children in my village.

My Future

Sharmin is having some training in our Orphan Livelihood Programme, where she will learn how to look after domestic animals and make a living out of them. Other training includes learning to sew on a sewing machine to help train her as a tailor. We hope to train and empower Sharmin so she can become more independent, who can have an equal footing as others in Bangladesh.

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