LEAD: Shah Titu

LOCATION: Bordol (Moulvi Bazar)

LEAD: Shah Titu

Sunga fita programme for Sylhet Aid team Today’s programme was authentic and organic as it can be. It gave us the real sense of what Bangladesh is about. What an experience it was!! Pure culture of the most amazing parts of Sylhet. Lot of the times, we think we know the cultural heritage of Bangladeshi’s, in particular Sylheti’s. However, from what was observed, the Sylhet Aid team learned that we have so much yet to learn.

Words can’t describe the feeling or experience is beyond our comprehension. The bottom lineis we know very little and there is so much yet to learn! It was insightful and very much of a learningexperience for the Sylhet Aid team. We have learnt so much about our country, about our city and our villages.

Today we made sungafita with Shah Titu’s (Shah Abdul Quayum) family in Bordol (MoulviBazar).The process of making these Fita’s are difficult, as there are lots of preparation to be made. We collected the special baby bamboos from the mountain for the volunteers and the dough for the sunga fita. All the sisters had the opportunity to make their own sungafita, while the elderly grandmothers sang traditional village songs. The whole atmosphere was really lively. Everyone felt so involved and enjoyed every bit of it. We rested and had some other types of fitas and tea.

All the volunteers sat together in a circle, in the front garden, ready to enjoy the sungafita. Wewere each given a sungafita to enjoy with fresh honey from the mountains nearby. The delight ofthe fita with honey...on top enjoying it with each other was, icing on the cake.

After we all enjoyed our delicious sungafita. We had to collect our Legos and volunteers’s t-shirts. We all had a great day and really learnt a lot about Sylheti culture.

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