LEAD: Atik Zaman

LOCATION: Betaphur - Nobigonj

LEAD: Atik Zaman

On arrival at the village of Betaphur, the local charity group BetaphurAmkuna Charitable Foundation (BACF), greeted the Sylhet Aid team. They helped Sylhet Aid in identifying the most vulnerable & needy, which in its self was not an easy task. We then tried our luck in fishing in my pond without success.

We visited a garments factory that produced clothing for major UK brands. This factory is the first of its kind outside Dhaka & employed around 1700 people in this rural environment.

After lunch with all the volunteers, we started our distribution in a local school. The joy on the facesof the people receiving blankets will be forever etched in my mind. Such a simple item but it meant so much too so many. We also came across an old woman who sat on the ground away from the crowd. Upon speaking to her, we found out she cut her toe some time ago & it was so badly infected she could not walk. Alhamdullilah, we managed to get her story on social media & the response was amazing. Soon afterwards several donors from the UK paid for this woman’s medical treatment.

I used to think I had a comfortable life here in the UK, but now I realise that actually, I’m notcomfortable nor should I be content with my life. I realised, I can and I should do more to help thepoor who sometimes through no fault of their own find it hard just to survive on a day-to-day basis.

Jazak’Allahukhayrun to all the supporters of Sylhet Aid, without your donations the distributions would not be possible.

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