LEAD: Abu Mu’min

LOCATION: Hashampur,

Balagonj LEAD: Abu Mu’min

We arrived to collect our distribution and thanks to the hard work of Abu Mu’min all was laid out for each of the participants with names for collection. Some had difficulty fitting all the aid into their respective vehicle and others were clever and had larger vehicle which made it easier for them.

We enjoyed a brief walk around the village and everyone was informed about the upcoming project of building affordable/sustainable housing for the poor, an innovation centre and introduction of pioneering technology. We witnessed the area which was donates by one of our supporters and envisaged the future.

We visited the local school &madrasha who were the recipient of computers kindly donated by Bishop Challoner and we were given a practical demonstration with help on hand by our own IT expert Bodrul Amin.

We then had a team briefing and finished with a delicious meal provided by our host Mr Mu’min.

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