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Inspired by Shazeda Begum

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Rescue an Orphan

Bank: HSBC

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SC: 40 – 01 – 18 

AC: 41806564


Our vision

Rescue orphans most in need


‘I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,’ (putting his index and middle fingers together).


Our work

Provide a safe place to live, food, medicine and education


“Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which s/he gives to the poor,
the orphan and the wayfarer.” (Muslim)



An orphan in Islam is defined as a child who has lost his father or both of his parents.  Losing a parent can mean that access to education, protection, shelter, food can become a dream for many. In Bangladesh, 5.8% of the children below 18 years have lost either one or both parents. Almost 4 million children are orphans, with half of them living in extreme poverty. The responsibility of care for the orphan falls on all of us. Rescue an orphan sponsorship programmes operates within the greater Sylhet region.


Who could be more deserving of our help than the orphan child?


Our promise

  • We try our best to support orphans in their communities.


Phase 2 - Our long term work

  • Livelihood programme

  • Marriage fund

  • Housing


Our livelihood programme is designed to teach practical skills like how to raise livestock, sew, irrigate the land, education and farm crops.  Orphans will learn how to support themselves and generate their own income, equipping them with practical knowledge and trade skills that are essential for their survival in later life.


About Sylhet Aid

The first generation of British Bangladeshi community from Sylhet are rapidly disappearing due to return migration and natural causes. Sylhet Aid is continuing the good work of our elders by providing support to the most needy. Our aim is to deliver aid to the poorest communities in the greater Sylhet region.



If you are interested in supporting our work please contact us.

63 Martha St, Shadwell, London E1 2PA |  | 07434505591

Sylhet Aid

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63 Martha St, Shadwell, London E1 2PA


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